Do you have missing cedar roof tiles? Has your cedar roof been damaged by insects, animals and algae growth. Are there watermarks on your ceiling?

Damage to your cedar roof can seriously compromise its integrity. You should have weather and pest damage checked out immediately to prevent further problems and costly repairs. Cedar roof restoration and repair are critical to the life of your cedar roof.

At ZK Cedar Roof Coatings, we provide the following cedar roof repair services:

  • Replace any ridge caps as required
  • Replace any rotted, damaged, or severely curled shingles or shakes
  • Assess, repair, and replace vents, valleys and flashings as required

Repairs are a very important part of our service and requires the experience of one of our qualified Cedar Roof Maintenance Technicians.


Cedar roof treatment can greatly extend the life expectancy of your cedar roof. ZK Cedar Roof Coatings offers an all-encompassing preservation and maintenance program to keep your home looking its best as well as to alert you when repairs are necessary

ZK Ceder Roof Coatings’ highly trained staff professionally removes moss, mold, mildew, fungus, and debris from your cedar roof, restoring it to a clean natural wood color without damaging the structure of the roofing material. The thin layers of wood cells that have been pulverized by Ultra Violet rays (UV) are removed, revealing the true beauty of your cedar roof.

Once cleaned, the wood can then be treated to guard against mildew, mold, fungus, and UV Damage. In addition to inhibiting the growth of fungus, our product also protects and rejuvenates the lubricity and repellency lost due to weather and time, thus adding years to the life of your roof.

Preservation Process

Roof Estimate/Inspection

A full cedar roof inspection will help reveal any potential problems that you should be addressing.

In this inspection, ZK Cedar Roof Coatings, is looking for a number of things including evidence of wind or hail damage, animal damage or infestation, and the quality of initial materials and installation. We also look for related issues like overhanging trees, clogged gutters, and the integrity of all roof flashings and accessories. We will, above all else, determine where your cedar roof is in its lifespan so that you know what should be done to either repair, restore, or replace your roof. Leaving cedar shake roof maintenance to the professionals is always important.

Color Choices

We provide consultation about colors and will provide you with samples of our completed work to view before making that final decision.

Need more details?

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